Dogs we love them!

In every home you’re bound to find at least one pet! As pet parents, we owe them the best care, loyalty and friendship..they certainly give you back unconditionally.  But how do you find the best products for them? That’s why we’re here!

Crates, beds, kennels, playpens and dog houses come in many shapes, many sizes and in various materials.  However, you can probably agree all these aren’t equal when it comes to durability as all dogs like to chew. Some are too soft, some just can’t seem to keep escape artists in and others seem to encourage separation anxiety.

One thing we know for certain; at some point in time you’ll need a dog bed, a dog crate, dog house, play pen and/or a kennel. Before you go and pick any of these dog products, take a look at the reviews of our top picks. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Best Dog Crates

Here you’ll find a great selection of reviews for some the best-selling dog crates.  We review a variety of styles to fit your dog’s particular needs from metal to plastic, extra large to chew-proof, we have you covered!

Dogs and Puppies in Dog Crates

Best Dog Beds

Read reviews on a variety of dog beds and pillows to match your new crate and suit your home decor.  As your dog becomes house trained slowly do away with the crate and replace it with a bed pillow. The bed pillow will become their new “safe place”.

Dogs large and small sitting on their dog beds

Best Dog PlayPens

Excellent for inside or outside use, exercise pens give your dog more space to play yet keep your pet safely contained when you can’t be there to supervise.

Gates, give freedom but also keeping them safe within the home.

Top Recommended Exercise Pens

Best Dog Houses

A dog that spends a good portion of the day being outdoors should benefit from an insulated and durable dog house that withstands the elements of nature. Similarly, if you are training your dog you may also want to consider an indoor dog house.

Here we review different styles of dog houses and provide some helpful tips for choosing one that works for you and your favorite hound.

Variety of both Indoor and Outdoor Dog Houses

Best Dog Kennels

While there are some owners who will not use a kennel for their pet, for others a dog kennel is an absolutely essential training item. And all dog experts agree that the one necessity for a newly adopted puppy is a dog kennel. But with so many different types of dog kennels out there which one will suit your dog? We highlight some of the best dog-trainer approved kennels which will make for a sound investment in a safe space for your dog, and future dogs to come.

Dog Trainer Approved Kennels