Spotlight: Advantek Pet Gazebo Review

Finding a kennel that keeps your pets safe and protected from extreme weather elements can be quite a task.

There are essential factors to consider such as the size, construction, quality of material and ease of assembly. Also, you may need to get a kennel that you can easily disassemble and pack when you are away from home. All these factors total down to choosing a suitable pen for your pets.

Also, you ought to find a kennel that has a secure latch to ensure your pets are enclosed throughout the time. Also, a good pet den should have access points where you can feed them and let them out easily. One of these, which aim to deliver safety for your pet, is the Advantek Pet Gazebo. Below is a detailed Advantek Pet Gazebo review.

Why you may like it

  • It utilizes high-quality materials for durability.
  • The low-profile design ensures maximum protection from harsh weather.
  • It has a beautiful octagonal shape.
  • You do not require tools for assembly.
  • The gazebo has enough space to fit your pets.

Why you may not like it

  • It has spaces at the bottom, and small size pets may find their way out of the gazebo.
  • It is too heavy to move around after assembly.
    Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel


The Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel structure includes mesh design panels that come as individual pieces. Also added is an access door which has a fixed latch to secure.

Once assembled the gazebo measures 8ft by 8ft by 8ft. The gazebo also has a latching window panel on one side. An advantage of this gazebo is that it has ample space to fit pets up to 180 pounds.

These panels are made of 100% commercial grade steel to last long and withstand windy conditions. The octagonal design adds on to the stability of the gazebo making it suitable for use where extreme winds are prevalent. As part of the package, the gazebo comes with a waterproof and heat resistant cover to protect pets from weather elements.


Setting up the structure is easy, and you do not need any tools for assembly. First, set two panels and place the nylon connectors at the bottom. Attach the next panel to the opening of the nylon connector in the first panel. Repeat the step for all the panels until you have the octagon shape. Attach the roof support arms in the remaining opening of the nylon panel connectors to create the roof structure.

Lastly, to complete the structure, insert the roof support hub and place the reversible cover over the top. Fasten the support cap to secure the cover. Using the ball connectors, secure the cover to the panel frames to finish assembly. The steps are simple to understand, and you don’t need any tools to fasten or secure the parts.

Here is a video you can follow to put together the pieces easily and faster.

Assembly takes less than an hour, but you may need assistance while attaching the panels. The package comes with all the assembly parts, and the instructions provided make it even easy to understand the steps.

The design of the gazebo is easy to dismantle which is why you can pack it for camping, hunting or other outdoor activity with your pets.


The structure is sturdy and designed to ensure your pet remains safe in there. The robust construction of the panels ensures the gazebo is stable enough to withstand extreme winds or heavy storms in the outdoors. Each part of the gazebo is firmly attached to the other to add on to the assembly.

If you have pets that love to chew or keeps knocking trying to escape, this gazebo is a perfect solution. The steel frames are strong enough, and the mesh design is carefully structured to withstand such pressures. The window and door access panels are sturdy and secured with a latch to ensure your pet remains in the kennel as long as you lock it.

Additionally, if you have many dogs and would love to keep them together, you can order additional sets and create a multiple kennel design for all. All you need is to attach open panels to the other gazebo to create a corridor. You do not need extra panels or roofing structures to configure multiple ones. With all the accessories provided, you can create a desirable design.


This gazebo has a low-profile design to block out weather elements and keep your dog protected. Also, it has a waterproof roof cover to keep your pet from the rain. The cover is also heat resistant to ensure a calm environment for your dog inside the kennel. This characteristic makes it appropriate for use in extreme weather conditions or during activities such as camping or hunting.

Customer Reviews

  • One user explained that the structure is indeed sturdy and took less time to set up the gazebo. Also, they pointed out that it has enough space for pets to pace up and down while playing.
  • Another one stated that was a perfect solution as they would carry their dog along with them to their seasonal campsite and still keep the pet safe and comfortable while outside.
  • One more user pointed out that there is an approximate 2 inches gap at the door’s bottom after assembly. They further stated that smaller pets could get their head out and possibly squeeze themselves out, but for the quality, it was worth the purchase.


  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Beautiful octagonal shape
  • Suitable for camping and outdoor games
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Ample space to fit many pets
  • Can be configured to multiple kennels


  • Wide door gap
  • Requires a sold surface

Bottom Line

This Advantek pet gazebo is easy to assemble with minimal effort and no tools required. It has a sturdy paneled structure with access points to feed your dog and get it out of the cage. One significant advantage is that it is strong enough to withstand weather elements making it suitable for outdoor activities such as camping.

Advantek Pet Gazebo
  • Construction
  • Assembly
  • Durability
  • Weatherproof
  • Features

A must have for dogs!

An attractive outdoor dog kennel offering maximum protection from the elements for your pooch. It is durable and sturdy for determined dogs. We like that the kennel has plenty of room, it’s easy to set up, has a weatherproof cover and great value for money.

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