Myths about Gastric Torsion (aka Bloat)

Dog Bloat and the facts and myths are something that could save you best friend.  Be sure you understand the condition, why it exists and the ways to treat Dog Bloat or Gastric Torsion.

This is something that can happen to virtual any dog breed of any size, don’t think that one breed is left out.  But, with proper care and understanding, it can be repaired and the pooch can be saved.

But, what happens?

Well, Dog bloat happens with the stomach inside the dog flips for whatever reason.  Basically, a rolling pattern is done.
Kind of like taking the two ends pinching them off.  This causes the food and gases and such to get stuck inside the stomach cavity.    As these build up over time and there is nowhere to go the dog starts to bloat up and the stomach starts eating away at itself.


Dog Bloat Facts

Bloat in dogs can happen to any dog at any time.  There doesn’t seem to be a leading cause.  However, this is super easy to spot as the symptoms start to occur.  Such as your dog’s belly will become round and hard, which is super easy to spot of the tall thin style dogs.

However, if you rub your dog’s belly, this should be pretty obvious from a full belly to a hard and tender belly.  And, hay, didn’t you need more reasons to rub your dog’s belly?  They can thank us later.  Another way is that the dog will start to act like it will vomit, however, it can’t get anything up.  Or just stringing things come up, this is very bad, that means that some of the stomachs is starting to degrade and they need to get into surgery quickly.

Dog Bloat Myths

That this can happen to only certain breeds or certain breeds are more prone.  This is not true, any dog, size or shape can have their stomach rotate.

Rubbing a dog’s knee will fix this bloating issue.  This bloat issue isn’t from them eating too many hamburgers, it’s actually caused by their stomach being flipped inside their body.  There is literally nothing you can do on your own to fix this. It must be seen by a vet immediately.

Once symptoms are seen there is no hope.  This too is not true.  Once the symptoms are expressed it’s time to seek immediate medical attention.  As the dog doesn’t have much time.

Preventing Dog Bloat

Preventing dog bloat is something that can be done but it’s not 100% effective.  One thing is to ensure the dog is eating slowly.  There are special bowls you can buy to help with this.  This helps with the build-up of gases in their stomach.

Also, never feed a dog that is panting excessively.  These dogs need to cool off before given a special treat as they will get too much air in the stomach and not just their lungs.  Don’t feed your dog one large meal per day, but several smaller meals to help with gulping the air and food down quickly.