Coolaroo Dog Bed Review – An Elevated Pet Bed with a Fitting Brand Name

An elevated pet bed gives your dog the same level comfort and safety as other pet bed types. But a raised bed will keep your pet off the floor which is great for the cooler months in winter and are perfect beds for the hot and humid summer months when they need that extra coolness. The elevated pet bed by Coolaroo will provide the perfect little resting area for your dog where it can curl up and lazy around. Here is a detailed review of the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed which also happens to be one of the best raised dog beds on the market! We’ll look at some of the features of this waterproof outdoor dog bed and see just why “COOLAROO” is a fitting brand name.

You’ll love it if you:

  • Want a raised bed that is suitable for both the indoors and outdoors.
  • Want a dog bed that is not only great for support but also lasts a long time.
  • Need a portable bed for your dog to carry around when you are away from home.
  • Need a dog bed that will provide the right support for a dog with hip or joint problems.
  • Want a raised dog bed that is of an appropriate height for any dog to climb up.

You may not like it if you:

  • Have an aggressive dog that tends to toss up the bed. It might loosen up the screws with constant movements.
  • Have a dog that loves to chew as they can bite on the fabric and tear the entire piece.

COOLAROO Bed – Available Sizes

The table below lists the four COOLAROO dog bed sizes. These are the Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Coolaroo dog beds. It’s a nice way to quickly look and compare, based on the most important features. If you need more details, however, you’ll have to read the rest of the review.

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Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed Review

Design & Construction

The dog bed features a raised design which is excellent at relieving the dog of joint pressure pain. The frame is made of sturdy steel to last long and withstand the constant pressure of active dogs. More to this, the structure is powder coated steel to add on to the overall quality of the bed.

The top of the bed features high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric which is meant to hold the dog in balance without sinking. Also, the breathable material is designed to eliminate hot spots for the dog which is essential for comfort. Additionally, it is flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant to last a long time in perfect condition.

The bed comes in various sizes including the small, medium, large and of course for extra large. The smallest can hold pets up to 15 kilos, and the medium can work well for pets up to 30 kilos. The large is designed to carry pets up to 45 kilos comfortably whilst the extra large holds pets weighing up to 68 kilos. Oh, and most importantly, you have plenty of ground clearance (approx. 7 inches) to help keep your dog cool in the warmer months.

Available Colors

We truly believe that Coolaroo have outdone themselves with their color selections.  The bed is truly well polished and has a beautiful look to it and comes in four neutral color options: nutmeg, gray, terracotta, and green. We think it will great whether you have it in your home or your garden!

Terracotta, Nutmeg, Green and Silver Coolaroo Beds
We just can’t get enough of the color options on this bed!


The dog bed is high in quality owing to the type of materials used. The top fabric is designed to last a long time and withstand frequent use. Also, it is naturally strong which ensures it resists high pressure, pulling and biting. The frame is super durable for stability and to ensure the dog rests on a flat surface.

The material combination of this dog bed makes it suitable for people with many dogs that love to play around together. As long as you get the right size for your dog, you can be sure it will hold up well with little maintenance. Also, with the proper assembly procedure using the screws provided, the dog bed should retain the shape and balance for an extended period.

Ease of Care

This type of dog bed is not suitable to wash in the machine. The fabric is tightly curled up in the steel bars, and you do not need to disassemble to clean. It is advisable to hose clean and air it out to dry. Also, you can vacuum to remove pet hair and other buildups to clean the surface. Sponge washing can also work to treat stains or clean spills.


Coolaroo are pretty straightforward about their warranty on their website. They offer a limited 5-year warranty against UV degradation, only.  The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear due to usage, nor does it cover damage due to biting or scratching.

Coolaroo Dog Beds for Sale – Where To Buy Them?

You can buy a Coolaroo dog bed on their website or other online pet supplies stores. We’ve purchased ours from Amazon so we definitely recommend that you buy it on Amazon too.

The advantage of buying yours on Amazon is that you get to see and read real reviews from other pet owners who’ve tried out the bed before you. This feedback can help you make better decisions when it comes to purchasing yours

Secondly, you can get great deals, such as free shipping if you’re a Prime member. Finally, you get to benefit from buyer protection, meaning you can return the product, if you don’t like it, and get a full or partial refund.

What are Customers Saying?

  • One user appreciated the design of the bed mentioning that their older dog found it easy to get on and out of bed quickly. They recommended it to those with older or ailing pets that have a hard time trying to get off the ground.
  • Another user pointed out that the largest size was suitable for their large dog that lay there comfortably. They appreciated that despite using the bed with a massive dog, months later it was still in great shape.
  • Another raised concerns about the assembly of the dog bed. But, with extra help, they managed to pull the fabric tight and tie the screws on every corner for a firm surface.


  • Perfect for hip and joints support
  • Sturdy materials
  • Unique design
  • Suspended platform for better rest
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Ideal for both the indoors and the outdoors


  • Assembly might take time
  • Not suitable for super aggressive chewers

Bottom Line 

The Coolaroo Dog Bed is a suitable option for pets that love to busk outside during the day and cuddle up in the night. It makes it to the top for it’s versatility since it suits both indoor and indoor environments. The quality is outstanding; maintenance is minimal and lasts a long time. It is indeed the perfect solution for any breed of dog that needs that extra care and comfort. That said, I hope your dog tries it out and you’ll see just what we mean. Any opinions of your own about this elevated pet bed? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

Coolaroo Dog Bed Rating
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Price


I have always believed that comfort and durability in a dog bed go hand in hand and the COOLAROO dog bed does not disappoint in that regard.

– Jackie,

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