How Often Do Puppies Poop and Pee? 6 Must-Have Puppy Housebreaking Tips

According to the Dog Breed Info Center, puppies need to relieve themselves approximately six times per day and should always be taken out right after eating to avoid accidents inside the house.

It is recommended that you take your puppy out every two hours to give it plenty of chances to do its business outside. By doing this there are likely to be fewer messes and through positive reinforcement your puppy will quickly learn that they should not go inside.

Puppies should be taught to go outside without using puppy pads starting at about eight weeks old. Using puppy pads for any longer runs the risk that your puppy will start to think that it’s okay to go inside, which will become problematic when you try to take the puppy pads away. Teach your puppy to walk to the door when it needs to go out and train the puppy to go consistently in one spot if you can.

How Often Should My Puppy Poop Each Day?Puppy poops in grass

According to Petful101, 1 – 5 poops a day is normal for a puppy, but you should keep in mind that this number can be affected by several factors, including how much the puppy eats, the fiber content in their diet, and exercise. Feeding your puppy quality dog food and maintaining a healthy canine diet as your puppy grows with help keep their stools regular.

Blood or mucous are things that should cause you concern if you notice them in your puppy’s stool, in which case you should bring your new furry friend for a visit to the vet. Conditions like hookworm infestations, which are common in America, can increase the number of times your puppy poops daily or cause diarrhea.

If your puppy is constipated it could be due to several things, like dehydration, lack of exercise, or intestinal blockage. In some cases, feeding your puppy canned pumpkin (which is high in fiber) can solve constipation.

How Often Should My Puppy Pee Each Day?

Puppies should be taken out every two hours at least during potty training, but generally dogs need to pee approximately every four to six hours, or approximately four to six times per day. If your puppy is peeing much more often, it could signal a health problem.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Dog?

Baby Wipes Brands

According to Keep the Tail Wagging, you should not use baby wipes on your dog. Instead, you can use pet wipes that are made for dogs, but make sure that they don’t contain propylene glycol, which is very toxic to dogs. This ingredient is commonly found in baby wipes and is even included in some specialty dog wipes.

Even in small amounts, propylene glycol ingested b a dog can cause sickness and possibly death. Used topically to clean your dog’s paws or other areas, wipes with propylene glycol can cause an allergic reaction and irritate your dog’s skin.

As an alternative to wipes, you can use a cloth with warm water to clean your dog or pet wipes that have been checked for propylene glycol.

Housebreaking Tips for Puppies

Puppy in a Wooden Crate Being Trained

1) Take time off for housetraining

Your puppy should not be left alone in your house, and should be kept crated if you need to leave at first. You need to be consistent with housetraining and make sure that everyone is on the same page for it to be effective.

2) Use the crate method

Take the puppy out approximately every two hours and keep an eye out for signs that they need to go. They should stay crated at night and if they don’t go when you take them, wait 20 minutes and try again. The fewer accidents that happen inside the better. If you are gone try to give them more room to roam, but keep them in a contained area. See our related article on : Guide to Buying a Pet Crate.

4) Plan a middle of the night run for the first few days or weeks

Eventually your puppy will to sleep through the night and won’t need to be taken out in the middle of the night, but puppies are different. Chances are they won’t make it through the night and they are still young and haven’t learned to bark to let you know they need to go out yet.

To avoid messes, take your dog out at least once during the night to give them the opportunity to go. Dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping space, so this will help them avoid that if they stay in a crate all night.

5) Use positive reinforcement with treats and praise when the puppy does well

When the puppy tells you that it needs to go out or goes outside, praise it and give them a treat to show them that they have done a good job. Eventually, start to use praise and fewer treats once potty training becomes more of a habit.

6) Don’t punish a puppy for accidents if you didn’t see them happen

Punishing a puppy just makes them scared and unless you use negative reinforcement when you are right there when the accident happens, your puppy is likely to be confused if you try to punish it.

Ultimately, if you want a puppy you need to be there to train it and if you are gone a lot your puppy won’t have a choice but to go inside.


How often your puppy poops and pees will have a lot to do with their eating and exercise habits, but keep in mind that puppies need to be taken out more than adult dogs do.

If you notice that your puppy is pooping less or more than one to five times per day, and peeing way more than once every two hours or so, it might signal some sort of health problem. In these cases it is safest to take your puppy to the vet just in case.

Aside from that, it’s all about keeping your puppy on a good schedule and staying consistent.

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