How to Make a Dog Crate Divider

Dog crates are a means to keep your dog contained in a number of circumstances. They feature a door to put your pup inside and are composed of a number of different materials that provide various levels of portability, insulation, ventilation, comfort, durability and security. A dog crate should be considered an essential purchase, and perhaps you may even consider getting more than one for different purposes.

A dog crate divider is used when you have more than one dog to crate or can be used to minimize the space to accommodate a puppy until he is fully grown.

So how do you go about making a dog crate divider? Let’s get started.

Ready, Set, Crate

Metal crates generally come with dividing panels so you can buy the extra large crate now for your growing St. Bernard and just tailor it for his current size.

With a hard, plastic kennel, dog experts suggest to remove the top half so your pup can venture in and out as he pleases. In the case of wire crates, tie the door open.

Tip: Watch what is near your dog’s crate and keep it away from electrical cords, rugs, drapes and furniture tassels.

Step 1: Measure

Dog Measurements, width and height allowing a space of 3-4 inches
How to measure your Dog for the Crate (Image Source: 4x4NorthAmerica)

Experts recommend buying a dog crate that allows your dog to stand up, sit down, turn and stretch with roughly 4 inches of headroom when standing.

Place your pup in the crate and using the recommended guidelines above work out how much space he’ll need.

Measure the inner dimensions of the crate you will be dividing and record those measurements for later use.

Step 2: Materials

Image of Materials: Plywood, Plexiglass and Cardboard along with measuring tape and zip ties
Materials you will need to get started

Go to your local hardware shop or home depot to buy the divider material. In terms of choice you can opt for either: heavy duty large cardboard box, plywood or plexiglass. They’ll even cut the board out for you according to the measurements you need.

If your dog is a chewer, we don’t recommend you use cardboard or plywood. Plexiglass is indeed a better choice and an easier material to work with.

Laying down the material of your choice trace the measurements before you cut them.

The divider should be a tight fit so Fido can’t push it aside. Make it a little bit wider than you need and trim it if required.

Step 3: Fit

Man measuring out plywood with a dog behind in the garden.
Measure out plywood to fit the crate dimensions (Image Source: Flickr)

You’re almost there.  Fit the divider inside the crate. Once sizing is correct drill four holes near the corners of the board and attach them with zip ties or strings to the sides of the crate.

And bam, you got yourself a dividing dog crate panel without spending a fortune!

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If you’re feeling good about your DIY dog crate divider and want to venture into building your dog’s crate from scratch, this article is packed with easy to follow instructions and pictures to help you along the way.

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Tell us how you got on creating your DIY crate panel and share your tips in the comments below.

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