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Dog crates are incredibly convenient to have around. They serve as a safe place for your dog to eat and sleep. They can also be used help keep your dog safe and secure when you’re out of the house for short periods of time.

Like many other products created for dogs, dog crates come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes. Although wooden and fabric dog crates exist, one of the most popular types is metal. That’s because metal dog crates are generally sturdier, easier to clean, and harder for dogs to escape from.

Midwest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is specially designed to be extra strong and durable. For an affordable price, this crate comes with great features that keep dogs and their owners happy. It also comes in a range of sizes, so you can find a crate to fit almost any breed.

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Main Specs

  • Crate measurements: Available in six sizes ranging from 22L x 13W x 16H to 48L x 30W x 33H.
  • Breed Size: Made in different sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large breeds.
  • Weight: The smallest crate weighs 12 pounds and the largest weighs 48 pounds
  • Material: Steel.
  • Features we like: floor-protecting rubber feet, removable leak-proof plastic pan, option for single or double door, divider, folds for easy storage

Midwest Life Stages Dog Cage Review – What’s In the Offer

If you’re looking for a sturdy dog crate that will keep your dog safe and comfortable at home and on-the-go, Midwest has a dog crate for you.

Their Life Stages heavy-duty dog crates are made for dogs of all sizes and come with all the features that owners have come to expect from a quality dog crate, like a removable plastic pan, divider for growing puppies, and the option to choose either a single or double door model.

This dog crate also has rubber feet that protect your floors. For ultimate convenience, this crate can be easily broken down for compact storage and transportation. Although the larger crates are a little heavy, they can be used while travelling and are strong enough to keep your dog safe while you’re away.

Each door has two slide-bolt latches that keep the door in place. The crate’s made of heavy gauge steel and tight wire mesh to keep even your most cunning escape artist safely secured. The corners are rounded to make sure that your dog won’t get hurt by the metal. Safety all the way and nothing short of it is expected with Midwest.

What Dog Owners Think of the Midwest Life Stages Dog Kennel

Owners love this dog crate because of how sturdily it’s built and the fact that the metal wire isn’t bent as easily as some other crates, which can be dangerous for dogs who are prone to chewing and trying to escape. Dog owners recommend this crate because it’s affordable for the quality, plus it’s very easy to set up and take down for travel or storage.

One thing that has been noticed by customers who bought more than one of these crates at a time is that the quality can vary slightly from crate to crate. Some of the crates may be easier than the others to put into place (and less sturdy) while others can be harder to get into place (and therefore more difficult to take down).

Mostly, owners find this crate is well-made and comes with all the features (like a pan and divider) that make using it convenient. The rubber feet that protect floors from scratching underneath the metal are especially useful, since some crates move around a lot and cause extensive floor damage.

Our Experience with Using Midwest Life Stages Metal Crate

Personally, we believe that metal dog crates are one of the most popular types for several reasons. They’re easy to clean, transportable, and safe, to name a few. Compared to closed-off dog crates, metal crates are great because dogs can see their surroundings while they are crated.

We like that it’s easily collapsible and escape-proof for bullish escape artists. The removable plastic pan gives a dog a comfortable surface to lay on that can be made more comfortable with well fitted blankets or a dog bed (we recommend the Midwest Deluxe Booster Bed). The best thing about this pan is that it’s so easy to remove if it needs to be cleaned. It protects the floor underneath from messes and moisture.

Midwest’s heavy-duty Life Stages crates are perfect for dogs and puppies that need a crate for training that they can grow into. It even comes with a divider to adjust the crate’s size for growing puppies. Overall we found that this crate is built to be sturdy and safe even for large dog breeds like German Shepherds. Rottweilers and American Bulldogs, so owners can have peace of mind that their furry friends are safely contained while they’re away.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a the best heavy duty quality dog crate, Midwest is one of the better brands out there. They have been providing great dog crates to owners for years and design their crates with safety and practicality in mind. Midwest’s heavy-duty dog crate is worth the investment if you want to make sure you’re getting a crate that will do its job well and stand the test of time. Here’s the link to buy it on Amazon.com!

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Life Stages Dog Crate Review
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The best escape proof collapsible dog crate that withstands chewers and escape artists. Midwest is a name you can easily trust when it comes to quality dog products. The Midwest life stages double door dog crate 42-inch is a great crate choice for larger dogs.

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