5 Organizations You Can Donate Your Dog Crate to!

When you keep a dog, you understand the importance of crate training as soon as you have it home. You not only have an easy time with your pet but also help it adopt new acceptable behaviors living in your home. It is advisable to train while the dog is pretty young so you have a higher acceptance rate of new behavior.

Pet rescue organizations have a hard time trying to pull all that together. With the limited finances and supplies, it becomes a struggle to help abandoned pets find loving homes. But you can help by donating your dog crate to train the little rescued pets in the centers. Below are organizations that accept crates donations.

Paws for Life Animal Rescue

Dog Shelter Organization

It is a program ran by the Franklin County Humane Society. It aims to rescue homeless dogs and cats in Franklin and Northern Wake counties in NC. The program seeks to provide shelter for rescued animals, feed them, train and find loving homes eventually. There is the need to have a sustainable process to ensure a seamless experience for the dogs in shelters. For this reason, the organization accepts donations as funds and pet supplies.

Some of the pets rescued come to the shelters sick and emaciated. They would need some crate time while on treatment until they are well enough to socialize with the rest. Paws for Life, therefore, pleads for crates that would help them manage the different situations of pets come. You Can Reach Out To Them Here.

Best Friends Animal Society

Donate Your Dog Products and Supplies

In the early 1980’s, the Best Friends Animal Society opened an animal sanctuary in Southern Utah. Over time, the services to rescue abandoned animals spread across the country and beyond. Currently, the organization has adoption centers in Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City and Atlanta. The organization also has a Best Friends Network of rescue group across the country.

This organization has an extensive coverage and therefore needs a plentiful supply of pet items. Best Friends in New York collaborates with shelters and other animal welfare organizations to help save and take care of pets. In Utah, the organization holds fundraising events to create awareness about animal rescue and care. You can donate crates and other pet supplies to play a part in this noble cause. You Can Reach Out To Them Here.

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Donate dog crate to dog rescue centers

SCARS is an organization that seeks to provide care and shelter to abandoned pets, stray pets and those left in veterinary clinics. The organization aims to helps restore full health to injured animals in the shortest time possible and find loving homes for each. On arrival, pets are spayed/neutered and vaccinated to ensure they are in the best form of health.

These activities require plenty supply of crates and cages especially for emaciated pets and those on treatment. SCARS does not accept owner-surrendered pets since their primary objective is to serve homeless and abandoned pets. You can donate crates and other pet supplies to the organization and help to rehabilitate and care for the less-fortunate pets. You Can Reach Out To Them Here.

Freedom Service Dogs Of America

Dog Crate Donations

This organization aims to transform shelter dogs into trained assistance dogs for the people in need. That is veterans, active duty military, children, etc. The intense training including helping the dogs adapt to living with people with disabilities and chronic illnesses while being of help in such situations. The dogs come from shelters and other rescue groups.

Since training dogs in one of the leading agendas of this organization, crates are needed in large numbers, especially for the young dogs. On this note, the organization accepts training crates and airline approved crates for the dogs. Your little contribution of a single crate will help to train dogs that will help someone with special needs in the future. You Can Reach Out To Them Here.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Animal and Dog Rescue Shelters to Donate Dog Kennels

With a mission to rescue abandoned and homeless dogs, the organization reaches out for help in pet supplies and funds. They aim to find forever loving homes for dogs and create awareness to the community about the importance of taking care of pets. One great vision is living in a world where all animals are spayed, neutered and living with responsible individuals.

The organization accepts crate donations as well as other dog supplies. All sizes and types of crates are acceptable since the organization deals with different breeds and ages of dogs. This will help to train the young ones before they can find a home away from the shelters. Also, the crates will provide a hideout for sick pets during the treatment period. You Can Reach Out To Them Here.

Bottom Line

Dog rescue organizations have dogs’ care and maintenance at heart. As a dog owner, you ought to help these less-fortunate animals by contributing with whatever you can. A single crate can be what a shelter needs to train a good number of dogs before adoption. Additionally, crates are helpful in taking care of sick and emaciated pets as they provide a confined environment until they are safe and full of health.

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