Under the Spotlight: Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House Review

If you are keeping a dog for the first time, you have to consider how to provide appropriate shelter. This will involve setting up the resting and sleeping areas around your house. For those that have limited space inside the house, the only option would be to get an outdoor shelter.

The same case applies to those that like keeping dogs outside probably because they have toddlers or sensitive babies.

The choice of the dog house will depend on the space available, the size of your dog and other personal preferences. You ought to be keen about the durability of the god house since you want a lifetime fix. Kennels not only help you to control your pets but also play a role in maintaining a clean home free from pet litter. The Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House with Microban that we are reviewing is unique and could be your little friend’s new home.

Why You Might Like It

  • It is made of robust and durable material to withstand extreme winds and other elements while protecting your pet.
  • The roof design allows smooth flow of snow and rain while reflecting warmth back to the inside.
  • The dog house is easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • Raised floors allow liquid to flow away from the sides keeping your pet dry during the wet seasons.
  • The broad base gives the pet house adequate stability.

Why You Might Not Like It

  • The door opening may be too small for some large breeds of dogs.
  • You may need to place it on a raised floor during heavy rains.
Petmate Indigo Microban


This igloo shaped dog house boasts of a heavy-duty construction using top quality weather resistant materials. This feature aims to protect your dogs from extreme weather elements. With the Microban protection, your dog will stay free from bacteria caused by stains and odor. It is essential in ensuring the right state of health for your pet.

The design of this doghouse features an extended door entry. At the base, the model incorporates extensive areas away from the walls for extra protection against water and winds. The top has an inbuilt adjustable ventilation feature to allow free flow of air in and out of the cage.


This igloo dog home comes in three sizes and fits pets from 21 inch to 28 inch tall.

  • Extra Large (43.8” x 34” x 25.8”) for dogs up weighing up to 150 lbs and that are no more than 42 inches in length and 31 inches tall.
  • Large (43.8” x 34” x 25.8”)  for dogs weighing between 50-90 lbs and that are no more than 36 inches in length and 24 inches tall.
  • Medium (37.5” x 30.5” x 22.8”) for dogs weighing between 25-50 lbs and that are no more than 26 inches in length and 17 inches tall.


The Petmate Indigo dog home comes with all parts ready for use. You only need to snap them together to fit each in the right position. Assembly is required for the base area and top section only; all the other parts including the ventilation come already in place.

You will need a few minutes to set up the dog house. First, identify where you want to place your dog kennel and set the base flat. Fit in the top section and press together for a firm fit. You do not need any tools to complete the job, and you can dismantle when required.


The design of the house ensures it withstands possible damage from weather elements. The round-shape of the roof prevents water buildup which would slowly damage the surface. At the base, the house is slightly raised to avoid possible wear and tear after extended use. Evidently, it lasts long with minimal care.

If you have pets that love to chew or bite on surfaces, this doghouse can work well. The material is sturdy and holds on well even when used for hyperactive pets. Although pets can scratch the surface, this does not affect the quality.


As mentioned, the dog house is incredibly functional in keeping away weather elements. It blocks the sun while maintaining a steady temperature in there. When the rain comes, the structure ensures your pet is dry all through; thanks to the raised floor and extended base. The large bottom gives the house more stability to withstand intense winds.

Customer Reviews

  • One user mentioned that the Petmate Indigo dog house puts up well outside in all seasons. They recommended it for the design which ensures your pet is comfortable all through regardless of the weather.
  • Another stated that the pet house provided enough room for their puppy and there was ample space to move around. They advised getting this for a puppy that you would want to keep outside.
  • One more pointed out that the dog house was too small to fit their dog. However, with the bigger size, the dog had adequate space to walk around and sleep freely.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Ventilation feature
  • Suitable for windy areas
  • Broad base for extra stability
  • Keeps warm when cold and cool when hot
  • Raised floors for easy drainage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for outdoor pets


  • Small for large breeds of dogs

Bottom Line

This Petmate Indigo dog house is evidently an excellent choice for the indoors and outdoors. With the fantastic features, you get to give your pets an amazing experience all the time. It is super simple to set up and can work well with any space. Additionally, the design suits any pet you would want to keep.