Under the Spotlight: ProSelect Empire Dog Crate Review

The ProSelect Empire dog cage ticks all boxes that you’d expect from a quality built and sturdy dog crate. It’s the strongest crate in its class and comes recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. We’ve tested a few dog crates in the past as it seems not all crates are created equal! But the ProSelect Empire cage appears to be the winner overall for the best indestructible dog cage on the market!

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ProSelect crate comes disassembled and in a cardboard box. But the cage assembles easy and the instructions are quite self-explanatory. The assembly is a 2 person job only because it’s so heavy but we’re able to get the crate set up with zero issues in under 25 minutes. It’s not complicated! An important point to note, unlike other crates, the ProSelect kennel is screwed and bolted together.  It doesn’t disassemble and fold! But if you really have to break it down maybe you’re travelling or planning on camping a lot, it can be done, it’s just time-consuming having to unscrew all the screws and doing it all over again. The great news is that once assembled it’s on wheels so it moves really easy.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage MEDIUM

Outer Dimensions: (37″ L x 25 1/8″ W x 33 ¾” H)
Inner Dimensions: (35 ¾” L x 23 ½” W x 31 ¾” H)
Recommended for: Medium and large breed dogs up to about 70-80 lbs. max such as Pitbull, Husky, Bull Terrier.
Model Number: ZW179 37

To help figure out what size you would need, here are some of the dog breeds/sizes owners have used the medium crate for:  65 lb Akita, 75lb Ridgeback lab cross, 70 lb German Shepherd, 60 lb Boxer and Australian Shepherds.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage LARGE

Outer Dimensions: (42 ¼” L x 30 ¾: W x 41 ¼” H)
Inner Dimensions: (40 ¾” L x 28 1/8″ W x 31 ¾” H)
Recommended for: Large and X-Large size dogs up to 140lbs. such as Rottweiler, Great Dane, Chow Chow
Model Number: ZW179 42

Dog owners used the large crate for dogs such as: 100lb Mastiff, Great Dane, Large Doodle, Great Pyrenees.


The Empire heavy duty dog crate is made of 20-gauge super-strong epoxy-finished steel with tighter bar spacing for added strength. It’s all metal and really durable and not even the most creative escape artists can get find a way out of this cage!  Indeed the quality of this dog crate rivals the Zinger Winger dog crate and the materials used to guarantee long-term use with minimal damage is spot on.


I am truly boggled that some crates don’t do what you expect them to do. The latches on the Empire dog cage are on the outside, so it’s impossible for even the most determined dog to open them. The crate floor is made of bars that are close together. The gap between bars is only 1 ¾” between each ½”. So for added comfort you’ll either need pillows, a proper dog bed or some blankets to lay on top. The pan on the bottom can be easily removed for cleaning. The cage also comes with four removable locking casters making it super easy to move the cage around.


The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty but won’t need it with this 20 gauge steel crate! The only thing you might be worried about, is your dog’s teeth! It’s been indestructible for us.

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The ProSelect Empire indestructible dog crate has a good combination of being easy to assemble, mobility, durability and features. It is replacing my old dog crate bought at the local pet store.  If you’re looking for a jail-proof dog crate, there isn’t a stronger one than ProSelect. This cage is also worth every cent and it’s superior to similar ones that look the same but are lower priced.


  • Quality build
  • Indoor space is amazing
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Functionality (lots of well thought-out features)
  • Speed to assemble


  • Heavy (initially before being built- once built and with wheels, it’s a breeze!)
  • Setup (follow the guide, don’t go rogue like me and you’ll need another person although many managed to assemble it on their own)
  • Pricey (but priced lower than other heavy-duty cage of the same caliber)

Bottom Line

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is certainly one of the strongest and escape-proof kennels on the market. Built with thick steel tube construction, heavy-duty welds and paired door latches, the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is without any doubt the best indestructible dog crate kennel cage designed to take on whatever abuse your hound can hurl at it. You can find the ProSelect Empire Pet Cage here!

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