Tips for Dog Biking For Beginners

Dog biking for beginners is something that you can look at for your high energy pooch.  Many pet owners and their dogs find great benefits to this.  Some high energy dogs need more than a walk, they need a good run and not just around in their outdoor dog kennel.  This provides a great opportunity to bond with your best friend and lets out some of the energy that they desperately need.

High energy dogs are often looked at as Nauty dogs, but when given an option to release that pent-up energy, they can be the best dogs ever.

Is it a good idea for your dog?

First, ask yourself if they are going to enjoy running?

Dogs of all sizes have high energy whether they’re Jack Russels or Shepherds. Biking with your dog is an excellent way to help burn energy in your pup.   However as with all sports, it’s always a good idea to discuss it with your vet if your dog is up to the challenge.  As, some of the very large breeds would enjoy a good run as well, but we have to ensure that they have healthy bone and joint structure to handle it.  Just like people, running can be very hard on the bones and joints.  And, as dogs age, they shouldn’t be running at times.  So, check with your vet, they are a great source to discuss other options as well.  With the right attitude biking with your dog can be great fun.

Isn’t it dangerous?

There are specialized dog leashes to help keep you and your dog safe while cycling.  These leashes also are mounted to the bike, so you can have both hands free for steering and on the handlebars. These are not the same leashes as what you would use for a walk but are meant for dog biking.

If your dog gets easily distracted when walking and darts out, then a no-pull dog harness would probably not be a good choice for them.  However, if they like to please and are trained to walk beside you and listen attentively for your commands, they can be a great biking companions!

How do I get started?

First, get the paw approval from your vet that this is a great idea for you and your dog.  Then, pick up a dog leash that is made for dog biking and well, if you don’t have a bike, you may need to go shopping.  Bikes don’t have to be that expensive.  There are many resources to find a good used bike, however, we would recommend a new leash with no other dog’s odor.  Most dogs will thank us.  Then show the dog your bike.  Let him sniff and look around and get familiar with it.  Even walk it around so he can see the wheels turn and the reflectors going.

Once this is done you can introduce the new leash.  The leash attaches slightly different so let them get used to it.  Again, smells are everything to the pooch world.  Attach it to the bike and simply walk the bike for the first few times to get them used to it.  They will most likely have to stop a few times and sniff around.  This is a whole new experience and remember let them go at their pace.  As they begin getting comfortable, increase your pace and find the comfort speed zone for both you and your best friend!

Main Photo Credit: Tony Alter/Flickr

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